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Think Traffic Mentor Opportunity

So Corbett Bar is offering a deal of a lifetime that He says is worth 20k in my opinion if I won it would be worth far more than 20k so I just had to enter this mentorship contest.


Well? 15 lbs and My A1C (avg glucose level over a 3 month period) went from 7.9 to 6.3. My response was, “WoW! Dad that is wonderful”. How did my Father get there and how did I help him? First we set a goal in the future (90 days) which was his appointment to get his A1C score. Next we focus on him just emailing me what he ate every day. I transfer that into a spreadsheet and every few weeks as we learned more about proper nutrition we would look at the spreadsheet and tweak his diet . Lastly we talked weekly briefly for encouragement and for updates on how he was doing .After getting the results he told me how confident he is to continue eating this way. So I personally know that mentoring or just holding someone accountable can have a great effective on their results..

Rayvonne Johnson is the founder of Runningthebusiness inc his blog RayvonneJohnson.com has exploded in 2013 and is the go to place for businesses who are just starting out. He has helped many businesses breakthrough in short matter of time by teaching them the principles of working in and on your business. He also help them discover the abundant opportunities around their business if they use the law of Voltran. The most important thing Rayvonne has set up for each business is the accountability task sheet. These weekly sheets allow a business owner to break up task on a daily basis thus minimizing the chances of being overwhelmed. If asked what do you attribute your success to this year you would look no futher than when he won thinktraffic.net menotorship package. A year from now that is what people will be writing about in regards to my business. This mentorship would be like my 15lbs and 1.6 blood level drop.

Man I will be honest Corbett and Company I want to win more than you could probably imagine because the mentorship package would finally help me change my life to the one I have pictured since I was in college getting paid to write business plans. See I get excited when someone is talking to me about their business and I can literally spend hours listening to them and giving them actionable takeaways but I have been doing this on a level that has produce meager returns . I know with your help , the teams help and me taken action I will blow 2013 out the water to the point where I am part of any mentorship you give away for 2014.

Now what if you don’t win
Well the truth is only one lucky person wins the mentorship package and I would be disappointed can not lie about that , but will continue to plug away using this post a motivation tool . See the second paragraph was not only written for the contest. It was also written for me to see as a daily reminder of the person I want to become and the business I want to create.

Thank You, for the opportunity and most importantly thanks for mentoring me even if it only lasted 1 blog post. This post made me write down what I want, and what I need to do to explode in 2013 which boils down to help businesses get started.

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