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Why I will Purchase the Four Hour Chef and You Will To

This post is dedicated to my purchase and dealings with the 4-Hour Chef before and after its release . My hope is that it helps you make a educated decision on the purchase of the book yourself.

This Phase 1
Tim Ferris is at it again with another instillation into the 4-hour series . And just like the previous times before, Tim is drawing us in with  his marketing Jujitsu to the point of salvation and eagerness to purchase. From the  post title  mentioning teaser to the app before Christmas Tim is pulling out all the stops in order to us  to comply,and I think in fact I know he will get us to do so. Lets find out why.

Septmember What !
When ever I hear the word teaser I just do not want to be bother because I know if I start reading and start taking some of the actions I will have no choice but to wait and comply. My feelings for the 4HC are no different but once I start looking and reading I want more and since Tim has 10 months to market this book I feel I will be getting more.I have to admit I thought this book was dropping in DEC but that the tease part and what makes me want more.

Second move of engagment was a smimple tweet.
[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/tferriss/status/141671541334216704"]

Third move is the free app. Now this app is only for the kindle fire “right now” , but the Android and IOS are on there way. That’s cool but one wonders why he did it like this . Simple answer to promote the book. Another move was the Kindle Fire give away . A little reciprocation . If you enter  a chance to win you will have no choice but to comply by purchasing the book when it releases .Lastly is the sale price another move that draws you in.with all these moves in month one of his book launch the question is what else does he have up his sleeve. Oh wait one answer is in the side-note of his post
“2) I’ll be thinking up bonuses for people who buy the print edition early.”

Why I will purchase this book
I want to learn Tim’s philosophy on how to learn any skill in a short period of time. Another reason I want to purchase this book is for the creative recipes. I actually love to cook( please don’t  tell my Wife though) but I want to learn how to cook better. Something I think that this book will teach in a cool way .

Why you will buy this book to.
Tim has marketed his books in such a way that colleges should use them as successful case studies . His campaigns draw you in because they have an element of impassibility added to them and he seems to always prove the impossible . In this case its not different . He says this book is the simple path to cooking like a pro . Most people are like prove it  and through his marketing and the actual product he tends to prove it every time. You interest will be peaked by the title just like the last two times and wonder can it really help can is this a simple path to cooking like a pro , Learning Anything , and live the good life.  These claims will not get the best of you until Tim’s testimonials  aka  The 4-hour Social Proof Gang comes out in  full force and let you know how good this book is and how it change their life in some way that you could not begin to imagine. Now because of this influence you just like me will have no choice but to purchase this book and see what all the fuss is about.  The reason that this social proof is so powerful to leading us to purchase the book is because the people who gives this testimonials are genuine and not paid for by Tim . So go ahead do youself a favor and save some money and purchase The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

Stay Tuned for when I get my hands on a kindle fire or the app comes available for IOS

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